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Nurturing Nature: Comprehensive Tree Health Care Services for Your Property

Trees are a prominent aspect of any landscape, providing aesthetic appeal and increasing property value. However, they are also vulnerable to diseases, pests, and environmental factors that can lead to declining health and safety hazards.

Regular inspections and prompt treatment of tree health issues are crucial to preserving their beauty, safety, and benefits. Our certified arborists can evaluate your trees’ overall health and provide recommendations for their long-term vitality.

Types of tree health care services we offer

In cases where pests, diseases, or nutrient deficiencies cannot be effectively treated through other methods like spraying or soil-applied pesticides, trunk injection may be necessary. This method delivers formulations directly into the trunk, allowing for efficient and quick absorption through the vascular system while maintaining safety.

7. Fertilization


Trees require essential nutrients to grow and compete with other plants in your garden, so fertilizers are necessary to supplement the soil with the proper nutrients. At ArborWorks, we create customized fertilization treatment plans to ensure that your trees remain healthy and vibrant based on the unique needs of your landscape.

8. Pest Disease Control

Pest & Disease Control

Protecting your green spaces from pests and diseases requires a comprehensive approach, including careful monitoring, plant care, and select pesticide and disease application treatments. Our team of ISA-certified arborists will assess all factors and develop a proactive plan to keep your landscape healthy and pest-free throughout the season.

Are you seeking expert tree care services to keep your trees thriving and beautiful?

Our certified arborists possess the expertise and experience to ensure the year-round vitality of your trees, accurately diagnosing and effectively treating any tree health issues.

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our tree service specialists at ArborWorks today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone needs a balanced diet, even trees. Trunk injection is a way to give trees additives, like pesticides or nutrients, to help in growth, preventing bugs or disease. It is performed by drilling a small hole in the trunk and injecting the chemical. This method treats diseases and pests that harm trees and helps reduce chemical exposure to other organisms and the environment. Trunk injection efficiently delivers chemicals directly into a tree’s system through specialized equipment like an injection gun and capsules. The size and number of injection sites will depend on the tree’s height, species, and treatment requirements.

The cost of trunk injection varies based on tree size, chemical quantity, and location. Equipment and service costs impact the overall price. The cost ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the scale of treatment. Contact us to get an estimate.

We recommend you take action as soon as you notice any signs of infestation or disease. Early detection and treatment can prevent the issue from spreading and causing more significant damage to your plants. 

Note as well that you can additionally apply preventive treatments periodically to reduce the risk of pest or disease problems in the first place.

The frequency depends on the type of tree or shrub, the presence of pests or diseases, and the plant’s overall health. Generally, we recommend regular inspections to identify any signs of damage or infestation and take appropriate action.